Discount Deals launches with 9.5k visits in week 1

Last week I launched my own ecommerce site, Discount Deals and some of the results have been very encouraging. We have had almost 10,000 people to the site in 8 days. We haven’t advertised anywhere (no pay per click) and we haven’t done any SEO. We’ve done it by spending around $400 and providing more than $400 worth of value to people in the process (as opposed to advertising which provides none). This post will detail what we have done and the results of what we have achieved in 1 week.

What we achieved

First of all here is a list of what we have achieved in week 1.

  • 9,500 website visits (8,500 unique – Google Analytics stats)
  • Over $1,000 in turnover
  • Around 200 paid orders
  • 330 new newsletter subscribers
  • 55 likes on facebook
  • 14 followers on Twitter
  • Plenty of visitor engagement via the site (lots of people suggesting slogans, loads of new product suggestions, and plenty of comments on the homepage.

How much it cost to launch

Around $400 in launch costs (not including website development costs of course)

What we did

  1. First of all we built a site that was designed to appeal to bargain hunters, we have only only 4 products, good prices, a lot of yellow!
  2. We included a script that posts a link to the site on Facebook in return for providing a 5% discount to encourage people to get the word out,
  3. With each order we told people new deals and giveaways will be announced on Facebook first to encourage them to ‘like’ us on Facebook,
  4. We provided a very engaging site giving customers the ability to post comments, suggest slogans and make suggestions for new products (all using free versions of 3rd party scripts).
  5. Every order we shipped we included a very cheap business card (around 10c each with a 5% discount code for the site included)
  6. We included very clear pricing (all products included free shipping) and then we did the following.
  7. We ordered a stack of very cheap products (iPhone 4 screen protectors) and put them up on the site as a freebie and posted the deal on some bargain sites (and engaged with the users on these sites)
  8. We posted all orders within 2 days of ordering (mostly the next day) and we are starting to get some good feedback from people on the forums about our service.

Within an hour of the word getting our about the freebie we had moved all 140 free screen protectors and we had started getting orders for other products on the site. The next day we listed 100 more on the site for 80c each (about cost price) and we sold all 100 that day. 2 days later we did another giveaway of 250 screen protectors and they disapeared within 1 hour. Paid orders have been trickling in throughout the week but with big spikes the day after the giveaways (not during).


If you Google “techniques for traffic generation” you will get all of the standard responses, have a blog, use Twitter, write good content, do SEO, do Google Adwords etc but I guarantee none of the suggestions will get you 10,000 visitors at less than 4c per visitor. Time will tell whether the site can hold it’s own and generate a decent income with margins built into prices but at the very least it was a cheap and very effective launch strategy.

More on Discount Deals

If you want to know more about Discount Deals, check out the site or ‘like’ DD on Facebook. We are particularly interested in hearing from businesses who have products or deals on ecommerce sites that they would be interested in working with us to sell on the site.

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  1. Grant Beevers February 11, 2011 at 12:04 pm #

    Hey mate,

    Just purchased the ipad dock. good work.

    Hope you’re well.


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