The Credibility Test

My clients regularly hear me harping on about credibility. There are so many websites out there these days people don’t spend a lot of time on your site ‘ if you think they are going to sit there for a few minutes reading your long winded buzz-word filled marketing fluff intro you can think again! What they are more likely to do is spend a matter of seconds on your homepage and form an instance opinion of whether you are suitable for them to do business with.

Think about this every time you are using the web looking for products or services. You are looking for a new school for your kids, working out where to go to dinner, looking for a place to go on holiday – anything. You make immediate assumptions about the credibility of the business based on the homepage. If the design is crappy, you assume (probably rightly) that every other aspect of their business is of the same standard. If the information is sloppy, if the graphics don’t load, if it looks out-dated, if links are broken etc you assume this is a reflection of the business ‘ and it probably is.

People who make a living selling products on Ebay know this. They know that using services like Auctiva to pretty up their pages, putting in nice galleries, showing their other items, showing their feedback from happy customers all contribute to building their credibility. In fact they know that once their feedback rating gets to 100, people will be far more likely to buy from them.

This concept applies to every business and every website on the web and it relates not only design but to content. Here are some examples from some of our clients that are doing this well.

Us! ‘ Although we could get better at it, we use our homepage to showcase our latest projects, keep regular up to date news to show we are interested and we know our stuff, have logos of our bigger name clients etc. We’ve got testimonials from clients and a lot of good quality content (we hope). We mention the years we have been in business and the hundreds of sites we have built (if they happen to read the welcome statement). Hopefully people who visit our site who are thinking about building a new site will be able to tell that we are the real deal. If we ever win an award I’ll be sure to put that on there!

Business Plans – use their TV appearance video, testimonial slider and a clean professional design to build credibility and its super easy for people to contact them or to purchase a product.

Birdies Garden Products – see the Aus made logo, the award, the tv video, Bunnings mentioned, the images showing the product actually working! It’s all good!

Every industry is different and you will know what people in your industry like to see. But in general they will want to see a nice professional design and some evidence (ideally 3rd party evidence) that you are a good quality credible business.

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