Getting feedback on your new website design

website design - dan Hi everyone! We have a new guest post from our newest guest author Jayson Jones. Jayson is providing some valuable resources to help with keeping new designs creative and current.

It’s easy to get stuck in a rut, especially when you hold a creative position such as web designer. However, receiving constructive criticism is an integral way to keep your designs interesting and relevant over time.

Once you’ve decided to gather feedback on your website designs, the question becomes how to find qualified sources for feedback. The following is a list of sites that any web designer will find helpful when searching for the constructive criticism.

1. Please Critique Me

This tool allows designers to paste links to their designs onto this site, soliciting constructive criticism from industry experts. Once a submission gets selected, the designer receives a complimentary and comprehensive review of her work.

2. Concept Feedback

This is a community for web designers, developers and marketing associates. Users can upload a design concept, state her objective, and receive constructive criticism from other users. Also, this site uses a point system to rate feedback, so users can prioritize the advice they receive. Additionally, colleagues and clients can review delicate concepts privately.

3. Creattica

Here, designers are able to share a wide array of projects. On this website, participation is free. However, feedback may be limited, since members can only mark designs as “favorites.”

4. FiveSecondTest

The name seems to say it all. This site is easy to utilize, not to mention fun! Here, visitors have the opportunity to take a short “test” and glance at the design in question for five seconds. Once the clock runs out, the visitor lists everything she remembers from the design concept. This formula allows designers to identify the most eye-catching and outstanding elements of her concept — all in five minutes. Think of this as online survey software at your disposal!

5. ProofHQ


This site offers free accounts, but with limited design projects, as well as storage. The free accounts afford users five projects per month and 500 MB of storage. However, there are also other available plans; the most inexpensive one starting at $17 per month. This site boasts an interface that’s easy to use, as it allows users to upload a design concept and share it with colleagues and clients.

6. ConceptShare


ConceptShare is similar to ProofHQ in the way it works. However, this site is best used for sharing flash files and videos. Free accounts are available with a limited project scope and storage capacity, while the most inexpensive plan costs $24 per month.

7. GetSignOff


GetSignOff offers users a way to get client approval on designs easily. This site is invaluable because designers can use it to avoid e-mailing a bunch of proofs back and forth to clients. While free accounts with unlimited projects are offered, these accounts limit users to one client and an upload limit of 10 MB. It’s important to note that GetSignOff does provide the maximum storage space per cost and can customize CSS, as well as integrate BaseCamp.

These tools allow web designers the chance to break out of a rut and gain valuable insight about concepts. With the help of these sites, you’ll be able to wow your clients with unique designs!

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  2. Mel Kirk January 13, 2011 at 2:58 am #

    Thanks for featuring ProofHQ. We’re really excited to have launched AV and .swf proofing in addition to the many other file formats that we support for review and approval. What’s more, we also integrate with Basecamp. We’d love to have you sign up for a free trial! :)

  3. Dan January 13, 2011 at 10:36 am #

    Thanks guys I might just do that :)

  4. Jayson Jones January 15, 2011 at 12:39 am #

    @Mel, thanks for sharing. Free trials are ALWAYS good. @Dan, you should!

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