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Multiple Stores with Magento

In the last 2 months we have built 2 ecommerce websites using the Magento Commerce platform. Magento is certainly generating some interest around the place at the moment. It’s a pretty sophisticated platform considering it’s a relatively new, open source and freely available system. One of the really cool features is it has the ability […]

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Discount Deals launches with 9.5k visits in week 1

Last week I launched my own ecommerce site, Discount Deals and some of the results have been very encouraging. We have had almost 10,000 people to the site in 8 days. We haven’t advertised anywhere (no pay per click) and we haven’t done any SEO. We’ve done it by spending around $400 and providing more […]

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Magento Outline – What to know before logging in

Magento is a full featured ecommerce system which comes in both a commercial and open source version. It gives website owners many tools to manage a robust store and then gives them more. Magento is one of the only ecommerce platforms that allows for multi-store integration with the ability to run a number of different […]

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eCommerce Payment Gateway Options

We have been building stacks of ecommerce (online shopping) sites lately and I often get asked about the options for taking payment. This post will hopefully provide a good overview of the main considerations for taking payment online. Manual Methods The first consideration is automatic vs manual. If you are dealing with high cost low […]

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