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When Dan brought the iPad into work the other day, I sighed a little. After watching Steve showcase their new product on the news a little while ago I was skeptical that it was anything more than an in between device, they haven’t had enough time to design something new so they’ll take the iPod (or iPhone in this case) and “customise” it a little (much like Microsoft with their promise to release a new OS every 3 years).

After giving it a little test run this morning, I must say it does feel a lot like an over sized iPhone. But this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, while it will never replace a desktop (or even a notebook pc for that matter) after using it for a while I came to realise, it was never intended to. While I don’t think it will be anywhere near as successful as the iPhones (apps and the likes are what made the iPhone work so well and they were mobile) some people might find some features very useful.

  • The iPads display is far better than I expected, this is good for reading and watching movies (which I think will be the main purpose of this device)

I did notice a few things that… annoyed me.

  • I didn’t like Safari at all. There were a few things wrong with it, horizontal scrolling seemed to be the most prevalent thing. Even loading the Apple site I couldn’t scroll sideways on some of their content
  • Safari also seemed really slow as well and I reckon they should add a feature that allows you to slide between web pages that you have open.
So, while the iPad wasn’t as bad as i first thought it would be I’m not going to run out and buy one. If I were wanting mobile computing I would stick with a laptop and if I wanted a mobile app device well the iPhone works well enough for me.

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