The Top 3 Ways to Use Twitter for SEO

The Top 3 Ways to Use Twitter for SEO

The Top 3 Ways to Use Twitter for SEO

Twitter and Facebook seem eternal, but in actuality they are only a few years old. Their relative youth and their changing nature means that people and companies are still trying to devise the most effective way to use them, with ‘rules’ and ‘guidelines’ changing on a constant basis, but a Twitter presence has become an important tool in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Here are three key ways to use Twitter in your SEO strategy.

Choose the Right Name

Twitter has two naming conventions you have to pay attention to: Your Handle, and your Account Name. Your Handle is the ‘@something’ part of your Twitter identity, used to address messages to you. Your Account Name appears next to your profile on your Twitter page. These don’t have to be the same, and probably shouldn’t be.

Your Handle should be short and easily remembered, but also tied into your business or page name. Your Account Name should not necessarily be your business name – choose an Account Name based on what’s getting hits in Search Engines already. Since Twitter Accounts are indexed by Google and other engines, tying your Twitter Account Name to an existing set of keywords will leverage both for better visibility.

Plan Tweets Carefully

You only have 140 characters, but a lot has to go into each. First and foremost, don’t split ideas over Tweets – make each Tweet a standalone concept, with pithy thought, link, and hashtag forming one single unit. This can take some planning, but it’s essential because Twitter’s backwards indexing means people will always come to the end of a series of Tweets and split Tweets are confusing.

Also, choose the first few words of each Tweet carefully for SEO purposes. About 42 characters from your Tweet will factor into its ‘title’ in a search result, and this includes your Handle. Make sure the first few words of the Tweet include a keyword or other ‘grabber’ to ensure you get attention from searchers.

Provide Content

Make sure your Tweets aren’t 100% self-serving promotion. Give people a reason to follow you, and a reason to keep following you. Promotion is okay, but offer up some informative links, some humour, and some free content to keep people interested and excited. Re-tweet often and give credit when you do. This will grow your followers and your presence, which in turn will help your SEO efforts.

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