What confuses you most about the web?

Thanks to those who have contributed to the poll on this site about what confuses you most about the web. Two weeks ago I decided I would focus my blogging efforts on writing an eBook to help small business owners to get online and succeed online. I want to get an idea of the sort of information small businesses really want so it is appreciated that people have taken the time to fill in the poll which will help me understand what people are looking for. If there are other things that aren’t in the list please comment here or send me a message via the contact page.

So the blog has been quiet but I have been busy (I’ve written 30-odd pages already – true story). I want to focus on the basics and try to help people avoid some of the pitfalls that I have seen all to often. If you are checking out this blog after stumbling across it from Google please take the time to fill out the poll on the left.

After spending the last few weeks starting to write the eBook I’ve started writing down a whole bunch of info on a lot of topics. I’ve started to realise that there is too much to cover in one little ebook so some of the things I have been documenting that I think go into too much detail will come out on posts on this blog.

Feel free to contact me or comment on this post or contribute to the poll to be part of the process and stay tuned for the ebook :)

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