An effective web design calls for a clear understanding of what’s relevant and what’s not. It may also need the web designer to think from the users’ point of view, especially to ensure that all the necessary information can be given out without any difficulty. Also, designing a site may become easier if the 10-second rule is kept in mind. And of course, website development can only be undertaken when the latest trends, fixed navigation toolbar included, are paid heed to. Refer to our resources to find out what else does it take to come up with a website design that’s par excellence.

Magento Web Design 101: Things to Know Before You Choose the Platform

If you are a retailer, it is highly recommended that you invest in an online store so as to benefit from the popularity of the Internet. An online store can also help you in avoiding the overheads that you may need to incur otherwise. Furthermore, now that Magento and other e-commerce development platforms are easily […] Continue Reading →

Questionnaire for Choosing a Web Development Company (Don’t Miss Out on Q#4)

When you contact a web development company, you may be asked a couple of questions, which can help the company in knowing you better and finding out what you need. But, isn’t it important for you as well, to obtain more information about the company? After all, your money as well as your online presence […] Continue Reading →

Get a Website to Keep Reputation Problems at Bay

When your customers look for you online, they may get to see two different sets of information – one that you provide them with and another that they can find on their own and which might comprise the inputs of competitors, employees (often disgruntled) and other customers. If you have no way of passing on […] Continue Reading →

Website Design – What May Work In 2014 (and What Might Not!)

It’s just been 2 months into the year and new web design trends are already surfacing. Whether these trends would make 2014 a good year or not is something that only time would tell. Till then, all we can do is speculate. Typography Commonly referred to as the use of fonts, typography is something that […] Continue Reading →

Affordable Web Design – Is It For Real Or Are The Companies Being Economical With The Truth?

In this day and age, when everything out there is “affordable”, how can web design be an exception? It is not – in fact, “affordability” is something that unites the companies that are into website design – they all claim to offer services that don’t burn a hole in your pocket. Interesting, isn’t it? Well, […] Continue Reading →